My First Post

Ah, so this is my first blog post.

It’s funny, because just a few weeks ago I could not for the life of me have pictured myself doing this! I’ve always been the kind of girl who just sort of keeps herself to herself, never really feeling the need to share with random strangers the inner mechanisms of her mind…but I guess you could say that I was somewhat inspired by a good friend of mine.

As a kid I pretty much always wanted to be a writer. There was one small stage where I somehow managed to convince my immature mind that I was an amazing singer and that I could easily become a pop  star…until that one day when my Mum secretly recorded me singing in my bedroom and then decided to play the video back for all of my friends to hear…I think it’s safe to say that I won’t be choosing that career path anytime soon. Anyway, let’s not go into that (the wounds are still too fresh).


I have since given 

up on  both of these dreams and am not quite sure what I want to do with my life…but hey, who is at the age of 16? As of recently, I have been dabbling in photography, which I quite enjoy and   may very well choose to follow up on as a career. I am also somewhat of an animal enthusiast and an artist, which hopefully you guys will get to see a lot more of as my blog progresses. I will share with you my thoughts, feelings and choices throughout my everyday life, which hopefully some of you teens out there can relate to. However, my aim is to be unique. Remember guys, always take The Road Less Travelled By.


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