“Man” Flu

Recently my Dad has become ill with “Man” Flu. At least that’s what he likes to call it.

In other words, he has ordinary flu, and his body aches from when he took my brother swimming on Sunday and decided to throw him across the pool (not to be cruel- when me and my sister were kids we also used to beg to be thrown across the pool, it’s quite fun).

Now, I’m not saying that I don’t sympathize with him, because I do. He has been in bed for almost two days straight now, coughing and spluttering, with a fever. So of course I feel horrible for him. But no man has the right to claim an ordinary flu to be specific to men.

I get that men don’t go through much physical pain in life, unless it is self inflicted through doing something stupid (my Uncle cutting his arm and belly open with a huge electric saw, for example). But trying to pass off an ordinary flu as an illness which only occurs in males and is worse than “girl” or ordinary flu? Piss off!

Men. IT IS JUST FLU. Women go through exactly the same thing, they just don’t make a huge deal out of it because they can actually handle pain. So grow a pair and get on with it!

P.S. I’m not saying that flu should be ignored or that you shouldn’t spend all day in bed coughing and spluttering, because you can’t help that. I’m just saying, stop calling it “Man” Flu. You don’t hear women saying, “oh no! I have a woman cold!”.


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