Why I Don’t Use WordPress Popularity Cheats

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, what I mentioned in the title are the cheat methods which are often presented to you by people who follow you on WordPress, who’s profile’s often state that you can gain a ridiculous amount of new followers and readers if you simply pay “just”…..your fucking life’s savings.

Okay, that may have been a slight exaggeration, but you get what I mean. These people are claiming that if you pay a certain amount of money, thousands, if not millions of people will somehow magically discover your blog.

Now, whether this may or may not be true, who of us would actually want to do this? Don’t we all want people to follow us due to our writing/blogging/photography/artistic abilities, rather than how much money we’ve given to god knows who?

If you still don’t see where I’m coming from then you clearly have one of two outlooks on the situation.
#1: You just don’t give a fuck.
#2: You’re new here and haven’t experienced this situation.

Me? I’m fairly new here, but I’ve been around long enough to know that I am strong enough to not cheat to gain folowers/likes/attention. There’s also the fact that I’m broke.

But you know, whatever.


5 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Use WordPress Popularity Cheats

  1. I’ve never seen any “cheats”, but wouldn’t do it anyway either, despite the fact that I’m broke too.
    Why cheat on something like that? I don’t care about getting millions of followers/likes etc. I write from my head and my heart. If people stumble across my blog and like my stuff, then that’s great. But I’m not putting it out there in the hope of having a million “fake” followers who don’t end up reading what I have to say.
    One of my life morals – is that it’s all about quality, not quantity. But hey, not everyone values what I do.

    1. I have exactly the same outlook on this as you do! Exactly, it is quality, not quantity and to be perfectly honest, I would rather have no followers and know that my work isn’t the best than to have lots of fake followers who secretly don’t give a shit what I have to say but pretend that I’m amazing.

  2. I guess you could say I am relatively new here too and I have not seen any of these “cheats”. I agree, paying for traffic is ridiculous, its like paying for friends, it does not seem right.

    1. Glad to see that somebody agrees with me haha! Sometimes it comes up in adverts on somebody’s profile as well, which they can’t help, but it’s irritating!

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