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Daily Prompt: Autumn Leaves

I’m not very good at making poems rhyme, but hey, they don’t have to. Enjoy.

Temperatures drop,
But my heart warms up.

Canopies bare,
A carpet of leaves.

A change of season
Means a change of colours.

Green fades to red,
Fades to orange,
To yellow.
To brown.
They die,
They fall down.
While the corners of my mouth rise upwards.

As there is in life,
There is a beauty in death.

The flames of a million candles are snuffed,
But this fire can be rekindled.


Daily Prompt: A Bookish Choice

I’m just gonna start off by saying that an even more awesome title for this Prompt would have been “A Novel Idea”…just my opinion 🙂

Anyway, in answer to the question which this Prompt imposes, I would much rather prefer to be a more obscure, less well known novelist. I would prefer for me to be able to touch only a few people’s lives with my work than to touch millions. It’s more special and personal that way.

However, believe it or not, I wouldn’t want to get into that status because of a fairy’s doing. That would mean changing myself and my natural abilities in order for people to like my work, and that would feel like playing against myself and not having faith in the things which I may or may not be capable of.

If I ever magically become a novelist, whether it be obscure or well known, I want it to be because of the “magic” of my own (currently non-existent) talents, not because some tiny person in a silly glittery dress waved a stick in the air.