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Losing Faith in the Human Race


Today I am to speak to you about something a little more on the serious side. I would like to talk to you about a lethal condition which is currently spreading across the globe, gradually forcing its way through the majority of young people of my generation, and the generations after mine. This condition is known as utter, mind numbing, making me lose the will to live, brain cell obliterating, severe stupidity.

Those suffering from this condition are primarily those of us who were more susceptable to peer pressure and were more impressionable. People like this have now been overcome by the illness and have become…chavs. Mindless, English Literature abusing, blackberry utilising chavs.

Seriously, though. My sister had a friend stay over last week, and the most part of what they were saying was incomprehensible. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not old, I’m not totally behind with new slang words and shit, but it literally sounded as though they were making up new phrases and abbrieviations as they were going along. Allow me to demonstrate:

Nope, I can’t do it. My intellectual brain simply has not allowed me to memorise their strange new language.

This, along with ridiculously long fake nails, filthy orange skin, back-combed hair (which, by the way, just makes girls look like hobos), fake tits, flat tummies, air head tone of voice, hard girl/tough front to hide the fact that they cannot stand up for themselves for shit, and dumbass attitudes, had caused me to lose all faith in humanity.

Although most of these people reside in the generations after my own, this disease is beginning to infect more and more people of my age group. IT IS SPREADING PEOPLE, AND IT MAKES ME SICK. Physically sick.

It disgusts me to see the future of our society, scientific and intellectual progression and world in general go down the gloopy, green drain pipe which is the bane of my existance.

Whatever happened to real girls? What happened to natural beauty? What is so wrong about being smart that some people feel as though they need to “dumb themselves down”, to get ahead socially? What’s wrong with being pale instead of looking like you’ve been gang banged by Crayola?

Take some pride in yourselves, people! Come on. Let’s get back on track now, the joke’s over.



My world lands in a cluttered heap
As it twists and turns
Into unrecognisable deformities above my head,
And crashes to the ground.

As it falls,
I catch glimpses of my past and of what used to be,
Sections of me,
Been moulded and shaped beyond recognition.

I am unable to escape from the monsters which did this,
Monsters which were created by own mind,
Figments of my disturbed imagination.

I look down,
As I feel a slight pressure on the palms of my hands.
I find another pair of hands,
Male and supportive.

I look up into the eyes of my partner,
My lover,
Which hold murky pools of concern
But are strangely beautiful.
Time slows,
And for a moment I am lost in your embrace.

I can see the monsters clawing at the air around us,
I can see the remains of my past, my present, and my potential future slowly, gently, yet with a sense of impending doom,
Floating to the ground and evaporating Into an air thick with tension.

But, unable to move my gaze from your face,
I am numb
Except for the love I hold for you.

Our fingers intertwine.
A weak, frail connection
Which can be broken at any moment,
But isn’t.
This small gesture stands untouched and unbreakable
In the midst of suffering and despair.

And as time stays slowed
And the monsters press onwards,
The connection is tested
But we still are not separated.

Because, the gesture was small
But underestimated,
Frail, yet strong in the face of defeat.
And this gesture is the only stable thing in sight,
The only thing that these monsters won’t be able to eat
And deposit in whispering trails
Into this graveyard of dreams
In the territory of my nightmares.

The blurred terror
Of my nightmare world
Transcends into a whirlwind,
Different shades of red, orange and black
Spinning around us.

It spins and it spins,
Until nothing is clear
And eventually we ourselves are spinning,
Interlocked in an uncontrollable blizzard,
And we spin closer and closer,
Then into each other,
Blending into one unnatural clump of bodies.

The clump pulsates,
Then begins to dissolve,
My mind is filled with black.
My eyes flicker open.
I see ceiling.
I am laying, sweating, on my back.
I guess I was dreaming.
Because the real nightmares are the ones which don’t come to me in my sleep.