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Long Time No Speak

Hello everybody!

It’s been so long since I made a post on here, it feels like it’s been forever! For that I apologise (if anybody’s bothered haha). Basically this is just a post to say that you should be expecting some activity from me very soon as I intend to try to write again. In the meantime however I have gone back to my photography blog and edited out all the bugs. Turns out that a lot of my photos weren’t visible anymore for one reason or another. But that shall no longer be a problem! So please guys, if you could help me out by taking a look for me, that would be fantastic 🙂 my other blog is called Caught in the Frame .Please follow the link and check it out!

Thank you 🙂


The Window of Opportunity

I was standing by my bedroom window just now, looking out  across my jungle of a garden, my view restricted slightly by the roof of the extension below and the neighbouring house.

My eyes darted quickly to my right as a bird swooped down and landed on the extension roof besides mine. I thought to myself, “quick, get a picture!”. Sure, it was just a pigeon, but I’ve never seen one get that close to my bedroom window before. Plus, the fact that it swept down from the roof above makes me wonder if there are any nests up there. I’ll have to find out somehow.

But anyway, no sooner had I snapped the picture than the pigeon had flown away horizontally across my view through the window.

This got me thinking. Imagine the window I was looking through was not a literal one, but metaphorical. The Window of Opportunity. Now, imagine that pigeon was all of your hopes, your dreams, an opportunity which has presented itself before you in that specific moment, but your contemplation over whether or not to take that opportunity has resulted in it spreading its wings and taking flight. Right in front of your eyes. The Window of Opportunity closes, and the shutters are drawn.

This goes to show just how quickly your life passes by. Opportunities can come and go in the blink of an eye, in the beat of a wing. So grab every opportunity as it appears. Or don’t. I can’t tell you what to do.