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Daily Prompt: Autumn Leaves


I’m not very good at making poems rhyme, but hey, they don’t have to. Enjoy.

Temperatures drop,
But my heart warms up.

Canopies bare,
A carpet of leaves.

A change of season
Means a change of colours.

Green fades to red,
Fades to orange,
To yellow.
To brown.
They die,
They fall down.
While the corners of my mouth rise upwards.

As there is in life,
There is a beauty in death.

The flames of a million candles are snuffed,
But this fire can be rekindled.


Rainy Day

These were taken a few days ago and I only just thought to post them now-I was originally just trying to photograph the trees in the garden and the sky (which turned everything outside a strange yellowy colour, but for some reason did not show up on my phone’s camera), but the raindrops on the window were what caught the lens’ attention first and I thought it looked pretty. I hadn’t even noticed the rainbow until I focused more.